Announcing – Our One-Of-A-Kind Preserved Moss Walls Are Now Available!

We are so excited to announce that our one-of-a-kind preserved moss walls will exclusively be retailed through Green Conscience Home with commercial clients working directly with us! Here is more information from the Green Conscience Home website:

“The semi customizable, maintenance free, green wall décor will be designed and sourced locally from Capital Interiorscapes in Malta NY.

Space saving and dramatic, moss wall art incorporates the growing trends of vertical gardening and “biophilic design”. The term ‘biophilia’ – coined in 1984 by Edward O. Wilson – is the idea that humans evolved as creatures deeply enmeshed with the intricacies of nature, and that we still have this affinity with nature ingrained in our genotype. So, biophilia itself is the innate human affinity for nature, and Biophilic design is creating a living and working environment that allows you retain that connection with nature. Scientific and academic communities have discovered numerous human and community benefits achieved by incorporating the principles of biophilic design in our interior environments.

Moss Wall Art has been gaining popularity in the design industry due to its simple, forever green and maintenance free features as compared to living green walls that use sub tropical plants. Another benefit is its more affordable price point.

The range in texture, color and dimension of moss makes it a unique medium for wall art. Our walls are fabricated from preserved mosses that are sustainably procured, lichens, natural woods and organic features that are mounted on reclaimed plywood. Each one is a unique piece of art and can be created in many sizes and shapes to suite the location.”

Please contact Green Conscience Home to purchase a retail moss wall at (518) 306-5196. If you are interested in a moss wall for your business or commercial space, please contact Capital InteriorScapes at (518) 309-4132.