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Flower Rotations

Give your business the power of flowers at a great price! Capital InteriorScapes will automatically deliver a new flowering plant every 2-12 weeks, depending on the program you choose and each plants flowering span. We offer 2 flower rotation programs to choose from for your offices.

 “A” Blooms that are changed more frequently such as Mums, Begonias and Kalanchoes.   “B” Bromeliads offer a high style, exotic look, come in a wide range of colors and are changed about every 12 weeks. Both programs include a Poinsettia at the Holidays.

For only $15 per plant, per month, you can greet your clients with the beauty of living color and a beautiful biophilic design!

The benefits of plants are practically endless, and adding them to your office setting not only will provide a greater indoor air quality, but it will also help boost morale in the workplace as well. We’re happy to offer low maintenance plants for a variety of budgets!